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Erin Strickland is a very talented vocalist in all genres. Her versatility allows her to easily transition from singing opera on stage one night to fronting a pop band in a jazz club the next all while maintaining the sweetness in her voice for her acclaimed group, Erin Strickland 5tet. Erin, a Chicago native, was formally the vocalist fir the United States Naval Forses Europe Band in Naples, Italy where she sang all over Europe. 

Erin started her vocal career at a young age with The Palatine Children’s Choir. At age 9, Erin traveled in and around the Chicagoland area performing for young children and dignitaries alike. In 1999, Erin and the choir completed a tour through Niagra Falls, Canada where she was a featured soloist and fortunate enough to perform under the direction of choral conductor Doreen Rau. Summer of 2002, she sang Carnegie Hall for the first time and again in 2005. Erin’s first international tour was in 2006. The choir traveled from Wales to London ending in Canterbury where she sang in Canterbury Cathedral under the direction of Henry Leck. 

Erin’s formal training came from The Boston Conservatory where she studied with Kathryn Wright, a native of Greensboro, NC. Afterwards, Erin moved to

Minneapolis, MN to study with Elizabeth Mannion and was the runner up in the Schubert Club classical voice competition. In 2008, Erin joined the Minnesota Opera Company, singing with them for 2 seasons before joining the U.S. Navy as a vocalist. 

While stationed in Memphis, TN, performing for the U.S. Navy Band, Erin was also a regular with the Memphis Jazz Orchestra lead by former Navy Commodore, Howard Lamb. She started production on her debut album, Erin Strickland And The World At Large here and finished and released it after moving to Naples, Italy in 2014. 

Outside of singing with the Navy Band for so many years, Erin taught voice lessons wherever she was stationed. She performs still with various bands of Strickland Music Production, a business she shares with her husband, trumpet player, Benjamin Strickland. 

Currently, Erin is the owner and founder of Little Musik, LLC. She is a certified Kindermusik educator, voice instructor, and coach. Working with children, parents, and the community has been a goal of hers for years and she is so excited to begin that journey here in Greensboro, NC.

fun facts

Erin’s favorite music to listen to: Bob Seger, above all else. 

Favorite music to sing: Opera and jazz; they’re more alike than you think.

Best job Erin ever had: As a nanny I learned so much about how to be with kids. I learned that making up a song to sing fixes the littlest problems. The boys certainly helped train me for becoming a mom. 


Why Music: Music was always a part of my day. I would make up songs about wanting a pet and sing it around the house and I’d get my stuffed animals to be my choir and I’d teach them their parts. Eventually I joined choir myself and it just stayed with me. There was a time I thought I would steer away from it by focusing on early education instead but we found our way back to each other. Little Musik and Kindermusik gave me the opportunity to combine both my loves. The perfect pairing has finally presented itself!

Family Fun: Erin has a handsome and supportive husband named Ben and they have an amazing little girl named Rosalie!