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Full Little Musik studio policies are found below. If you have a question that isn't answered above or below, please email - we'll be happy to answer!

Dress Code

Please dress comfy and cozy. This curriculum is made up of moving and making music so the more relaxed you and your children are, the happier you will be. No shoes in the studio room! Upon arrival, please place your shoes, coats, and all other extras in the cubbies along the wall. We want our feet free to roam. Socks, house shoes, or bear are preferable. 


Being only 45 minutes in length, our classes move quickly and fluidly. If you must be late, please just come in and join. There’s no need to worry or rush. 


Adult Guests

Everyone is welcome! Caregivers are welcome to bring adult guests into the studio. They may participate or simply enjoy from afar. 


Young Guests

Younger guests are welcome with notice to the teacher. Being that there is a Wiggle and Grow Family Edition Class, we ask parents who have multiple children to please consider joining this class instead of bringing a sibling to a one-on-one class that is less suited to more than one child at a time. We want this time to be special between caregiver and their child. 


Families pay monthly. They may pay with cash or check but card is preferable. Cards will be put into the system and payment will be deducted each 5th of the month. If you chose to send your payment via USPS, the policy remains the same. Late payments result in not being able to attend class until the payment is made. Any class missed due to a late payment is not liable for a make-up class. 


Make-Up Lessons

Make-up lessons are unlimited! Please notify the teacher if you plan to attend a make-up class though so we can make sure there is space enough for all the families. After payment is made, families may choose to attend as many classes as they like, as long as there is room!

Teacher Cancelations

If a teacher has to cancel a class, every member will be notified via email. It will also be notated on the Little Musik homepage and Facebook page. 


Snow Days/Delays

Little Musik will follow the Guilford County School’s lead. If there are school closures, we too will close. If there are delays, we will carry on with our classes. Always check the Little Musik Facebook page for updates if you are uncertain. 


Changes in Schedule

Children who need to switch classes may do so but please notify the teacher so they may make space. 



There is a Withdraw form available HERE. Please fill it out and return it to the teacher. As in a schedule change, a caregiver may withdraw at anytime. Please give a 2-week notice so the educator can happily make space for the next available student. There will be no prorating after the initial enrollment. 


Sick Days

If you are sick, STAY HOME! This includes fever, throwing up, and constant runny nose. Please allow your child to get better before bringing them or yourselves back to class. Remember, there are UNLIMITED makeup classes. You wont miss out!


Safety in the Studio and in the Waiting Area

Respect each other and respect the space. Families are free to use the restroom and enjoy a café while they wait for their class to begin. Please keep an eye on the children as they play before entering the studio. Little Musik is not liable for the safety of unattended children. We will make our studio a safe space as best we can! 


Have Fun!

Enjoy this time you have with your children. They are only this small and precious once. Watching them learn and grow is the greatest feeling in the world. Let’s make some great music and get to know these kids the best we can!